About Us

Our company, based in Erciyes TechnoPark, is continuing its activities to develop and produce industrial measuring instruments. Our company has got experience in the production of "gas test equipment" for use in gas safety and function tests of companies producing gas-operated appliances. The goal is to meet the need for standard and user requirements. In this sense, our gas leakage testers and gas flow testers are currently used in the sector without problems. Our development process is constantly changing and improving. This process also takes place in front of the user. Regarding after-sales service and product updates, customer relations are regularly monitored. In our company, developing software and technology possibilities are closely monitored. Our mission is to provide domestic solutions for the technological and information needs of our country's industry on gas product testing. "We cannot manage the process we cannot measure". Our measuring instruments convert the measured results into concrete figures and provide objective results. The calibration and repeatability capabilities of our devices are constantly verified with advanced devices. Our aim is to fulfill of our responsibility as legal entity regarding keep free our own industry from dependence on other countries

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